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Jul 11, 2011 12:00am EDT
. believe me, i want this to get on with this issue. the faster we can setup alamance, the happier i will be peehere. we have followed the correct and legal processes. that is what the government has to do. my secretary of state is in a clause digest judicial role -- is in decline xi-judicial role. this is the issue of competition. >> the public will not accept the idea that with the scandal engulfing the news of the world that the government should in the coming days be making a decision out of the law of processes. i know this is difficult. i strongly urge them to think again. it is right to the government acts legally in every way. this is what it has done. what is it about morality and ethics that needs to be carried out in a proper way. the other is an issue about morality and competition. they try to look good. they have said consistently that there should be referred to the competition commissioner. i hope you will think again. this is referred to the competition that all others are dealt with. these and not the absence of a reporter. they see a major news organizations. you t
Jul 28, 2011 2:00pm PDT
idea we have is to apply alamance and building facades to update. this is an interesting national -- international style building but it is not the most cheerful. doing some things we think are appropriate like taking the canopy and fin idea and increasing them. we have an idea of using screens to bring some color and warmth. and adding landscape to soften the environment especially around the perimeter and replacing the plant materials to freshen that palette. we are going through some before and afters. this is a view looking at masonic towards geary. this would be the ground-floor entrance of the city target. you can see some of the elements we would like to address. you can see the typography and the steps of parking lots. we have a lot of exposed, dreary retaining walls. there are a series of strip windows in parts of the project which are interesting but for decades, they have been closed off because water retailers are not using them. they want -- they blank out elements in the assaad and we would like to address ways of making that more interesting. >> president olague: th
Jul 5, 2011 12:00am PDT
of the barn, and planning department, with a number of planning alamance. if you have specific questions, i would be happy to answer them. commissioner campos: any questions? no questions. >> i will briefly mention the three products we are not recommending. the first is the bikeway. the plan was to construct separate bike weighs between baker and scott. it provides a key link between the panhandle and market street. this project was not recommended for tfca funds. the scandal showed construction starting in august 2013 the month before they use the debt binds the issue. we have worked with the sfmta to prepare prop k allocation requests, which you will hear during agenda item seven. this approach will said the construction phase of the project to be very competitive for future tfca cycles or other discretionary programs. publicly available bike parking facility on chavis as at minnesota street. this project exceeding the air district threshold and is an eligible for funds. we want to continue working with project partners and developed a plan to move forward with other potential funding so
Jul 8, 2011 2:00am EDT
is not think he will be persuaded by the alamance paid -- elements. i can see the arguments about this. south korea is a very relevant one. they have a significant amount of beef production. this is why it is so important that we we did this. they negotiate future trade agreements. everyone knows the most recent one expired in 2007. it was near the end of the last ministration. this administration had to 0.5 years to impose this. this would extend the trade agreement through december 31, 2015. the administration goal depends on finalizing this. it is highly unlikely that foreign agreements will agree to any meaningful trade. if they are not included, it is unclear if there'll be an opportunity before the 2012 election. they have been successful in providing market access. other than the agreement, singapore, australia, the dominican republic, they were enacted. the trade agreements were signed. that includes an extension of the trade package. it is every bit as appropriate. it has no direct linkage to the panama/columbia agreement. they will move together. an aggressive trade agenda is import
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4